We embark on a journey through a diverse range of services meticulously crafted to uplift athletes, sports clubs, and companies to unprecedented heights. Our multifaceted approach blends cutting-edge methodologies, strategic solutions, global networking, event coordination, and athlete-centric services.

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We provide a service that analyzes players through various perspectives, including sports psychology, neuroscience, physiology, coaching science, and nonlinear science. We then use that data to offer methods for improving awareness and decision-making.
We offer strategic solutions to a diverse range of clients. Our services include marketing consulting and directorship for sports clubs, data analysis for athletes, as well as method and strategy provision for coaches and sports clubs, all approached strategically.

——— "Strategic" and "Sport" to create "Stratify" implying a layered and strategic approach to sports solutions.
Utilizing our diverse global network, we specialize in event coordination for sports clubs and organizations, offering solutions for expeditions and training. We actively support global activities, providing innovative value.
We plan, produce, organize, manage, and mediate various sports and non-sports events. Our goal is to create inspiring experiences for both real and online specialized events.

——— Combination of "Experience" and "Event" aiming to convey the idea of creating memorable and engaging experiences through events.
We enhance the value of athletes through services covering video content, events, publishing, sponsorship support, media strategy, and branding. Our expertise extends to producing and enhancing careers.

——— Combined "Athlete" and "Expansive" to create a title that suggests broadening and maximizing the scope and value of athletes' careers.
Leveraging our extensive global network spanning Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania, we support player acquisitions and transfers. Additionally, we provide agency services for various talents beyond players, including coaches, interpreters, and trainers.
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