Antisocial forces policy

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Basic policy about eliminating antisocial forces. We fully understand our significance and role to prevent conflicting relations with antisocial forces in terms of social responsibility, corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Therefore we declare the following basic policy and comply with the policy in order to confront antisocial forces with a firm attitude to prevent damages of the forces and to ensure regulatory compliance.

  1. We develop our company structure in order to handle antisocial forces adequately and systematically.

  2. We strengthen cooperation with external specialized agencies such as the police, lawyers, and others to be able to obtain appropriate advice and cooperation for corresponding antisocial forces.

  3. We shall have no relationship with any antisocial forces, let alone business relations.

  4. We consistently refuse illegitimate demands and take both civil and criminal legal measures.

  5. We never make any backroom deal or funding to suppress facts, even in case where the illegitimate demand from antisocial forces is based on corporate misconduct.