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We are not your typical sports agency or marketing firm. We are something entirely different a unique hybrid that combines the best of both worlds. With offices located in Japan and Indonesia, we possess the essential capabilities and functions to create and deliver exceptional value in the realms of sports and marketing.

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A global presence

Our influence extends far beyond our two home bases, as we've cultivated an extensive global network that spans Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. 

This expansive reach grants us a profound understanding of diverse values, worldviews, and cultures, which we leverage to the advantage of our clients.

Throughout our company’s history, we have consistently delivered value to a wide array of clients. Our clientele includes professional sports clubs, esteemed educational institutions, and forward-thinking companies. What sets us apart is our unique approach. We strive to infuse inspiration and excitement into the lives of as many people as possible.

We are more than just a company; we are catalysts for innovation and champions of success. Join us on this remarkable journey as we redefine what's possible in the worlds of sports and marketing.


Our collaborative approach, unwavering commitment to excellence, and dedication to serving clients, industry, community, and each other reflect the essence of our culture and values.

Diving into an unyielding pursuit of knowledge, a dedication to pushing limits, and a commitment to breaking the norm, our culture cultivates innovation and deepens meaningful connections. Fueled by a collaborative mindset, we persistently pursue top-notch service, pushing both ourselves and our clients to exceed expectations daily

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